From Freshmen year to Junior year

Felt upset because of the result of the sophomore year scholarship. 

However, gradually realized that I was upset because of that evaluates the academic performance and the social work performance. It might not be the most correct one to evaluate my sophomore year. For instance, I did a lot of works but I did not present well. Also, it is not fair for one person to get the same scholarship twice. After all, there are so many people doing social work as you do. They also put a lot of efforts. 

But I cannot resist feeling upset. It's.... natural. Even though I realized it is just a evaluation system.

So how do you evaluate yourself?

I met a lot of people and made friends with them.

I participated a lot of activities.

I joined several organizations.

I broke up with someone and fell in love with another.

I travelled a lot of places.

I had a new hobby: bicycling. 

I like Insanity.

I have long hair(finally).

I had intership in accounting firm, which was.. exhuasted though.

I got a lot of As.

I felt less tired and much happier than the freshmen year, in which I cried a lot.

I failed the transfer. It's...memorable. It hurted me, but less than the gaokao.


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